Fatma Restaurant

A True Story

The story begins with an Egyptian Lady who discovered her
extreme passion for cooking… Her name was “Fatma“.

Fatma learnt and mastered the traditional Egyptian dishes.
Then became an expert cooking exquisite dishes from different
countries to which she traveled with her father; the ambassador.
She decided to gather all her delicious experience
in one place called … FATMA

Our Services

Egyptian oriental dishes and desserts in an All-Traditional ambiance like no other.

Dinning Hall

At Fatma restaurant, we are Offering you all the ways of comfort for a distinctive lunch… read more


Fatma restaurant Catering Service specializes in delighting our customers with personal attention and creativity… read more


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Special Events

Whether the meal is with an employer, investor, or client, picking the right venue is invaluable… read more

Orders & Delivery

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